Aims of the Expedition

We gave ourselves some aims to focus our minds during planning. We were lucky in that we achieved all of our aims and environmental objectives.

Primary aim:

The primary aim of our expedition is for every member of the team to reach the summit of at least one 4000m peak in the Kyrgyz Range that has not had a previously recorded ascent. We are expecting to climb as two teams of four, with one team resting at base camp while the other team attempts a peak.

Secondary aims:

In addition to our primary aim, we are hoping to achieve some, or all, of the following.

1. Explore the valley system in the expedition area, noting the potential for future mountaineering challenges.

2. Provide a challenging experience that will stretch the expedition members in many different ways.

3. Share the expedition and information we gain with a wide audience, and help future expeditions.

4. Allow all expedition members to experience an expedition, including its planning and organisation

5. Learn about environmentally friendly expeditions and attempt to achieve new standards of sustainable expedition mountaineering

6. Explore Kyrgyzstan, including its culture and traditions.


Environmental Policy

We believe that all who travel and explore, particularly in areas that are wild, beautiful and fragile, have a responsibility to consider the environmental and wider effects of their visit. Although no expedition can have zero impact, it is possible (and, we believe, vital) to manage and minimise that impact. This expedition aspires to set new standards in best environmental and ethical practice.

We aim to:

1. Minimise our impact on natural areas, leaving no permanent trace of our presence

2. Minimise our impact on local communities (both in Bishkek and close to our expedition area)

3. Employ companies and individuals with good environmental and ethical records, and support local environmental initiatives

To help us achieve these aims, we have carried out an Environmental Impact Assessment, and used this to draw up an Environmental Management Plan. These can be found in an integrated document here.