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PhD Engineer (Reduction of nitrous oxides from combustion)

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Despite visiting family in the Lake District often as a child, I had never climbed a mountain until I joined the air cadets at 14. I spent a lot of the following years on trips with the air cadets, as well as countless days alone in the Lakes. When I came to Cambridge, I quickly became a member of the Cambridge University Hillwalking Club, and haven't looked back since! Now in my fourth year, I am just nearing the end of 3 years on the CUHWC committee, having been the Meets secretary, Safety officer and finally, the social secretary! Recently, I have done my ML training, and hope to complete it in years to come, and have been involved with helping younger children to their Duke of Edinburgh's award. I have also dabbled in cycle touring, including from Canterbury to Berlin in Summer 2009, as well as some smaller weekend trips. In the last few years, my horizons have been expanded, and I have done more in the way of winter hillwalking and started to explore Scotland. I have also learnt to climb, and climbed in the Peaks, Lakes, Snowdonia as well as the Avon Gorge. In the last few years, I have done some Alpine mountaineering in the Valais Alps and Ecrins, and the opportunity to travel to exciting new areas and climb the unknown was just too good to miss!

While the pain of 2am starts and washing up in glacial water are nearly forgotten, the exhilaration of watching the glow of the sun break over the horizon will remain with me for many years. I still find it hard to believe that we were the only people to have experienced the views we saw and the routes we climbed. The highlight of my expedition was climbing over the pinnacle leading to point 4155 and seeing the clear route to the summit. After hours of hard slog, loose scree and uncertainty, suddenly knowing that you'll make is an amazing feeling. Being able to watch the others' faces as they came over and saw the same is very rewarding too, and makes the feeling of working as a team really satisfying. Unfortunately, it seemed much too soon that I was back in the truck to Bishkek and I'm now back to planning my next trip to the mountains and remembering the good times!